Top 30 questions in need of answers

Whether you are a PRP patient or a PRP caregiver, there are BASIC questions in need of focused answers. Here are 30 for starters.

Please note that there is a Google Translate button on every page of the PRP Survival Guide for those who prefer an alternative to English.

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The following 30 questions fall under the heading: What PRP patients and caregivers NEED to know. There are certainly other questions, but this is where we have decided to start.

❏  What is the NORD PRP Report AND have I read it ?

❏  What is the GARD PRP Report AND have I read it?

❏  Why is it so difficult to diagnose PRP?

❏  What are the odds of getting PRP?

❏  Do we know what causes PRP? 

❏  Is PRP an autoimmune or auto-inflammatory disease?

❏  Is there a cure for PRP?

❏  How do PRP symptoms progress over the body? 

❏  What are the “Quality of Life” impacts of PRP? 

❏  How does healing progress?

❏  What does a PRP parent need to know?

❏  How long will my PRP journey last? 

❏  What constitutes a rare disease?

❏  What is the PRP Global Community? 

❏  How can I explain PRP in 30-seconds?

❏  What is the history of our name (PRP)?

❏  What is the significance of the Dowling Oration (circa 2006)?

❏  Is asking Dr. Google about PRP a “Fool’s Errand”?

❏  What is the basic anatomy of skin?

❏  How is pityriasis rubra pilaris pronounced?

❏  What is the Rule of Nines?

  How to be a Storyteller?

❏  What is the PRP Research Cohort?

❏  What is the Glossary of PRP Words & Jargon?

❏  How do I find a PRP-savvy dermatologist?

❏  What is Standing up for your own health?

❏  What resources are available to PRP patients and caregivers?

❏   Where can I find an effective strategy for Self-Advocacy

❏  What is your PRP “Endgame”?

❏  What are the basic PRP “Treatment Options”?

❏  How can I support the PRP global community in 2021?