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Peer Review Test

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Peer Review Test EXPECTATIONS What do I expect from peer reviewers? Hopefully I will learn more about PRP from kindred spirits who have had their own unique and predictably unpredictable PRP journeys. Hopefully I will also learn […]

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How to Peer Review

How to Perform a Peer Review First let me thank you for participating in the Peer Review of the 60-Second PRP Roadmap. YOU are a subject-matter expert when it comes to YOUR version of PRP. It is that perspective which is essential to the peer review process. The two-page spread illustrated above is part of

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60-Second Table of Contents

60-Second Table of Contents. The goal of the 60-Second PRP Roadmap is to provide PRP patients, their caregivers and dermatologists an overview of the “predictably unpredictable” PRP journeys faced by the PRP global community. The goal of the Peer Review Workbook is to facilitate feedback from PRP patients, PRP caregivers and PRP-savvy dermatologists recommended by

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PRP Peer Review Memo

Peer Review of the 60-Second PRP Roadmap DATE: January, 2024TO: Peer Review ParticipantsFROM: Bill McCue, PRP AllianceSUBJECT: 60-Second PRP Roadmap — Peer Review Workbook No one has ever written a book about pityriasis rubra pilaris from the patient perspective. In fact, no one has ever written about PRP from any perspective.  I am asking you

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GRIDD Appeal

It’s time to rise above the noise level Our participation in the GRIDD survey is critically important to the PRP global community. GRIDD is an opportunity for all of us to document the impact pityriasis rubra pilaris on your own lives. 1.  Physical impacts, e.g., pain, itch, mobility, vision, sleep, etc.2.  Daily life impacts , e.g., daily routine, leisure,

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60-Second PRP Roadmap

Target Audience While the 60-Second PRP Roadmap is written for three audiences of readers: PRP patients, PRP caregivers and dermatologists, the primary focus is on patients. PRP patients are the travelers PRP is a unique journey from onset to someplace else. As PRP patients we have no control over the road ahead. We are unwilling

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In Memoriam Editor’s NoteI received a telephone call from Suzanne Owens on July 25 with sad news. Her husband of 57 years, Ed, had passed away one day earlier. She was calling because her family wanted to direct contributions in Ed’s memory to the PRP Alliance in lieu of flowers. Both Suzanne and Ed had joined

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