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What do you say to rude people who stare at you?

In January 2017, the following post and comments were shared by members of the PRP Facebook Support Group. Members of the PRP Facebook Support Group may click here access the original, unedited discussion.

Simon S — Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Just went to 7-11 to grab some milk and a few other things. When I asked the attendant if he could put my purchases into a bag, he took a plastic bag and threw it towards me. I told him that there is no need to be afraid of me and that I posed no risk to his health. He ignored me and I had to put all my things into the bag. As a paying customer, I believe I should be treated in the same way that every other paying customer does. As I walked out the door I pointed at him and spoke to him loudly and said “You are very rude and you need to be educated.” Just because I look different to most other humans, why should I have to be treated as a second class citizen?

Martin W — Wolverhampton, England, UK

Some people are just ignorant.

Michele W — Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia

Also that behaviour is based on fear…see the manager about doing a talk on inclusivity and acceptance. People dont know its not contagious…l remember how afraid we were in the 80s about HIV that you could get it even if someone sneezed! Its hurtful…and unfair. But education and information only way forward to change attitudes. As a teacher myself l know only education overcomes ignorance and prejudice. That being said l have dumbed the disease down ..everyone has heard of eczema. I have explained it away as that and had more sympathy for my son.

Jennifer K — Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

That’s just it, it’s a fear based reaction. The cashier, having no education on the subject and having no reason to trust you with his health, is looking out for himself and his family first 🙁 He doesn’t want to risk his life on the word of a stranger, just to appease someone he will probably not see again. Very very sad, but his health is his own perogative. The reference to the fear of HIV spreading is a great comparison. It’s all about education, but that is a challenge when the cashier sees you for two minutes

Guy F — Scaggsville, MD

I would contact the 7-11 company and advise them of this treatment by one of their employees, indicating the specific location, date, time and a description of the rude employee.

Tania T — Harz, Germany

I agree with Guy!

Geri B — Lakeland, FL

I just keep hearing the words of Jesus…Forgive them father for they know not what they do!

Karen B — Rochester, NY

I’m sorry that happen I would definitly call the store manager and report it ,,, something needs to be explained to that rep at the store.

Rebecca L — Mississippi

We had a guy, someone I’ve known for many years, shake my daughter’s hand last summer. He immediately withdrew his hand and said, “Oh my gosh! Her hand! It feels so weird!” Of course, she was embarrassed and tried to hide her hands. I explained to him about her condition. He was cool with it and all was fine after that. I just wish he had scaled back his reaction a little.

Nicola G — Central Otago, New Zealand

Inform management that they have a rude idiot working for them.