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What are the issues related to sweating and thermoregulation?

04.58.00  sweating and thermoregulation
04.58.03 SWEATING?
You may suddenly notice that you are not perspiring anymore, even in hot weather! This is a symptom that many PRPers experience, and the cause is not certain but is probably tied into the fact that you are already losing much of your body’s moisture because of the shedding of your skin. Perspiration keeps the body’s temperature regulated, and so not perspiring can make you less heat tolerant. And the amount of skin and “insulation” you’ve lost can make you less tolerant to cold.
With the loss of sweating, please use appropriate caution if you exercise or if the air temperature is very warm.
04.58.01 All about sweat
Perspiration, or sweat, is your body’s way of cooling itself, whether that extra heat comes from hardworking muscles or from overstimulated nerves.
In this article, the author examines your body’s sweat glands, how sweat is made and what it does. You will learn that there is difference between the sweat on your palms and the sweat in your armpits and why your skin tastes salty after a workout!
Freudenrich writes:
✴“Basically, the sweat gland is a long, coiled, hollow tube of cells. The coiled part in the dermis is where sweat is produced, and the long portion is a duct that connects the gland to the opening or pore on the skins’s outer surface.
✴We are constantly sweating, even though we may not notice it. Sweating is your body’s major way of getting rid of excess body heat, which is produced by metabolism or working muscles.
Abut the Author
Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D., is a freelance science writer and former senior editor at HowStuffWorks. He earned a B.A. in biology from West Virginia University and a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine before completing eight years of postdoctoral research at Duke University Medical Center.
As published in On the Road… August 2015
As stated above, this is a difficult balancing act with PRP. Most PRPers complain of cold. Many cannot tolerate air conditioning in stores and theaters and even develop chills when exposed to it. Dress accordingly and always have an extra sweater or jacket with you and keep a blanket in the car. Even on a hot summer’s day when the rest of your family is enjoying the a/c in the car, you may find yourself wrapped in a blanket!

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