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From the Editor…

The issue of sauna suits resurfaced with an interesting exchange between PRP Facebookers. Makes one wonder: How many dermatologists would prescribe a sauna suit to a PRP patient? Would the cost of the sauna suit be covered by insurance. Worthy of a survey?

Jan B — Forest Lake, MN
I am being seen at the University of Minnesota. I saw Dr. Daniel Miller when I was in the ER in full bloom. He’s the one that recommended the sauna suit which has been a blessing for sleeping.Anita P — Ohio

 I just recently bought a sauna suit. Thinking it won’t absorb the lotion I put on in the morning. Thought I would wear it when I didn’t have to go anywhere for a while just to let the cream or oil of the day soak in. My hands feel much better when I wear the plastic gloves for food service. I found them at the dollar tree and thought I’d see if they helped and they do. So I thought the sauna suit might do the same. Did your doctor recommend a way to use it.

Lorna R — Eugene, OR
The treating physician at OHSU, ordered the sauna suit as part of my treatment. What you have to do, is wear it correctly. No clothing underneath it. Shower/bathe, cream down with body cream, put the suit on, then put your regular clothing on over it. I did wear my undies, I did not wear my bra. I had two suits. I wore a sauna suit for four years.

Jan B —
I was advised to buy a sauna suit at Target ($20) shower, lather up with ointments, wear it at night without underwear. Since I started doing this it has helped my sleep tremendously. Everything stays moist, warm and controls the itching. I was told I could also wear it during the day if I’m too uncomfortable and I have done that. I have gone through approximately six suits because my husband washes them by hand everyday. After 4-5 days, the vinyl becomes stiffer and prickly. I did go online and found some on Kohls.com much more reasonble at $7.99 per suit currently on sale for $5.99. These suits are somewhat bulky to wear under clothes.

Bill M — Plano, TX
The sauna suit that Lorna Roberts refers to is manufactured by Delasco in Council Bluffs, IA. The website description states:

“The Sleep Sauna occlusive treatment suit is a durable two-piece suit, prescribed by dermatologists, for use in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions. It is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Simply return the suit for a replacement.

“Made of soft, pliable nylon, Sleep Sauna suits go right in the washer and stay soft, wash after wash. The suit can be worn for everyday activities such as relaxing, exercising or sleeping. Prevents staining of clothes and bed linens and eliminates messy wrapping and stiff plastic alternatives.”

I doubt if the products available at Target and Kohls are designed to do what Lorna’s TWO sauna suits did for the four years she wore them. The expression “Been there, done that” applies to Lorna on this subject.

Lorna R —
Exactly. Not available at retail stores. I loved mine and my purple Nitrile gloves, the latter being my own idea. Delasco.com

Jan B —
I too have ordered the Delesco sauna suit ($60). It is wonderful, very soft and machine washes up beautifully. The website says that it is occlusive but I have found that it does allow ointments to ooze through. I think it would be great to wear under clothing if you are using lotions and creams, unfortunately for me I’m not at that point in my journey yet. I believe you can get your physician to write an Rx for you and it may be covered by your insurance.

Lorna R —
100%nylon….they are so durable. I still have mine. lol I didn’t mind the little bit of residue, that was certainly less than if I had not wore the suit. The idea is to keep the moisture and heat next to your skin.

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