PRP Ghost Writers

Editor’s Note: PRP workplace stories don’t begin with “Once upon a time.” They begin with “It was a dark and stormy night….”

For most PRP patients, the onset of PRP is so ferocious and relentless that the idea of working is simply not a viable option. Others, for whatever reason, usually financial, make a commitment to stay on the job. The loss of income can be catastrophic. Whether you could not work or tried to “hang on”, your workplace story may help others understand that part of the PRP journey..

If the prospect of writing a workplace- or work-related story sends a shiver down your spine, all you may need is a little help from a few friends. I am recruiting a small cadre of ghost writers — ALL members of the PRP Facebook Support Group.

What was Pre-Onset working like for you?

❇︎  Describe your work and workplace prior to the appearance of PRP symptoms.

❇︎  Describe the main activities associated with your job?

What was the Onset of PRP like?

❇︎  Onset date

❇︎  Onset age

❇︎  How did PRP impact you, e.g., energy, appearance, etc?

❇︎  How did PRP impact your work, e.g., quality, performance

❇︎  How did PRP impact your third parties, e.g., customers, vendors, etc,?

WhAt was the motivation to keep worKING?

❇︎  Financial ❇︎  To stay in control? ❇︎  Other

what was the Reaction in the workplace?

❇︎  Co-workers

❇︎  Supervisors

❇︎  Owner/Company

❇︎  Customers

❇︎  Other third parties

WHO were your champions

❇︎  At work

❇︎  At home ❇︎  Elsewhere

WHO WERE The naysayers

❇︎  At work

❇︎  At home

❇︎  Elsewhere

What resources DID YOU SEEK?l

❇︎  Government

❇︎  Non-profit

What lessons did your learn?

❇︎  What would you do differently

❇︎  What was your biggest mistake?

❇︎  What advice would give?

❇︎  Would you do it again?

❇︎  Was trying to stay working a good idea?

Consider sharing your PRP workplace story. Please email Bill McCue at

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