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Issues related to lymph nodes and glands

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The following post and comments about LYMPH NODES was started on December 6, 2016. The unedited version is available to members of the PRP Facebook Support Group. LINK

Traci W — Seymour, IN

Question…..anyone have issues with lymph nodes? I have swelling on the left side of my head. I am calling doc in am.

Correen P — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yes Traci. I had some swollen ones , doctor told me it was inflammation , but I’d call the doctor

Kendra H — Stockton, CA

Super swollen. Side of neck, arm pits, groin. Because of my history of cancer, they did biopsies and a PET scan. All benign. Still, good to be sure.

Traci W _ Seymour, IN

It concerned me because my dad had an episode many years ago that he almost died from. He had to have drain tubes in his face to drain the abscesses. ER doc feels that I got a bug from my grandson.

Jeannine E — Clearwater, FL

My doc said it was due to the disease. All of mine were swollen, groin, neck, pits, for 18 months.

Sean L — The Woodlands, TX

Arm pits and groin area for 6 months. Dr. said it was the norm for this condition.

Dawn R — Rosamond, CA

The left side of my neck has swollen lymph nodes. They keep getting bigger and I get more and more. I’m glad to hear it’s the PRP. Thanks everybody.☺️

Deborah B — Kannapolis, NC

Same here- all mine were swollen, even my elbow and knee pits! I dry brush which is supposed to help. They have gone down now, but flare up every now and then. It was pretty scary!

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Jan T — Ringwood, New Jersey started a conversation about lymph nodes on January 17, 2018.

“Managed to dig my car out of snow to go for a six-month follow-up ultrasound of some lymph nodes in my armpits. I’m not too concerned since the ones in my neck are finally gone, since so much of the inflammation is also gone. But next step would be a biopsy, so fingers crossed. There is always a risk that PRP was triggered by an underlying cancer.”

Beth R— Bristol, England started a conversation about lymph nodes on March 6, 2018.

“Do you find you have enlarged lymph glands with your PRP? I think I’ve only just noticed them now. Nurse says its nothing to do with the methotrexate so just wondering if its just due to general PRP inflammation