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Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing the PRP 2021 Electric Vacuum Cleaner

From the Editor … Just for Fun — While writing this entry for the PRP Glossary of Words and Jargon on the subject of vacuum clearers, e.g., Dyson, Meile, Romba, Hoover, DustBuster, etc., I looked up images and stumbled upon a vacuum cleaner that made me chuckle. 

INTRODUCING the PRP 2021@ — a revolutionary, 100% electric vacuum cleaner helping to keep the homes of PRP patients free of shedding skin. Every day, PRP patients shed up to two cups of skin. This eco-friendly and ergonomic vacuum cleaner provides a new weapon and peace of mind for PRP patients and caregivers. The PRP 2020 is compact enough to fit into the tightest corners and recesses, picking up everything in its path, including discarded nitrile gloves and empty containers of topical ointments and creams.


✽  Up to 16 hours of battery life.

✽  Compact, maneuverable and self-propelled to climb stairs and handle uneven terrain, e.g., pets.

✽  High suction power. Can reliably suck a bowling ball out of a closet — even when the door is locked.

✽  Variety of attachments for vacuuming sheets, clothes, furniture, carpets and Old English Sheepdogs.

✽  Standard 54 gallon (240 liter container) will hold 500-1,000 days of skin debris.

✽  Built-in counter showing hours of operation and remaining charge. Can also be programmed to provide alerts for upcoming clinic visits.

SERIOUSLY — Do you have a vacuum cleaner story to share? It seems to me that some PRP patients and their caregivers have actually given their vacuum cleaner a name. I also remember a PRP patient who lived in a two story house and had four Dustbusters “at the ready”, two on each floor.