PRP Onset to Diagnosis Retrospective Survey


PRP Onset to Diagnosis Retrospective Survey

YOU are about to help make PRP history.

For our PRP global community, history will take the form of a retrospective survey that begins with the onset of PRP symptoms and ends with the official diagnosis of pityriasis rubra pilaris. We want you to look back on your own PRP journey and share want you remember.
As a participant in the PRP Onset to Diagnosis Retrospective Survey you will be part of a 600-plus patient cohort – the largest gathering of PRP patients ever assembled for a retrospective study.

Please answer EVERY question as best you can.

 1    Who is the person answering questions or filling in the blanks?

IMPORTANT – The PRP Onset to Diagnosis Retrospective Survey may be completed by either a patient, caregiver (spouse, partner or parent, or a supporter (other family member or friend). Which of the three options below is most accurate?

◎  I am the patient
◎  I am a caregiver, e.g., spouse, partner, parent of a minor child
◎  I am a supporter, e.g., family member or friend