We Need a Canadian Perspective


Bill McCue, Editor, PRP Survival Guide

With a prevalence rate of one in 400,000 and an estimated population of 37.7 million, Canada should have 94 “active” PRP patients.  As of August 1, 2020, the PRP Global Database maintains 99 PRP patient profiles for Canadians diagnosed with PRP — a combination of “active”, “in remission” and “data missing”.

Murray Rose (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) and I agree that there is potential value in soliciting what he calls “a decidedly Canadian perspective” on certain PRP-related issues. That’s why I am enthusiastically supporting the his efforts to launch PRP Canada.

PRP Canada is a PRIVATE Facebook group with a focused mission: to organize PRP patients and caregivers within Canada for the purpose of sharing insights on a limited spectrum of topics that foster a better understanding of pityriasis rubra pilaris within the Canadian PRP community, Topics include:

❋  accessing affordable PRP treatment in Canada,
❋  navigating the Canadian healthcare system, 
❋  financial support available to Canadians, 
❋  locating over-the-counter PRP-related products in Canada, 
❋  identifying Canadian PRP-savvy dermatologists

PRP Canada is neither an affiliate, chapter nor division of the PRP Alliance. It would be more properly described as an outpost or branch of the PRP Global Community.

It is my hope that Murray and his fellow Canadians will find even more effective ways to live with PRP and find a better path to remission.

We need the Canadian perspective.

For more information contact:
Murray Rose, Liaison, PRP Canada
Surrey, British Columbia
Onset date: August 2916
Onset age: 66;Status: Active
Email: prpCanada@prpAlliance.org