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Editor’s Note:

The following is an Open Letter from Murray Rose regarding PRP Canada and his assignment as PRP Canada Liaison.

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1950, and have lived and worked in and around Vancouver all my life. Married to Carel, another native Vancouverite,  for 43 years this year, and who has helped me so very much with living with PRP. I was so fortunate to have such a wonderful caregiver as I’m sure anybody who has a caregiver will agree with my good fortune.

We are fortunate in that both of our grown up children live within a short distance from us and we get to see them often.

My first symptoms occurred in late August 2016 – two years after I retired from an accounting/business career – when I had just turned 66 and was very healthy for my age, as I have been throughout my life, never having had to spend a day or night in a hospital. After seeing my family doctor, who had no idea what was going on with my body, an appointment with a derm was made for one month later. During that month the red tide kept on sweeping down my body at a scary, alarming rate. My first appointment with my derm was a blessing. He and his associate were psoriasis researchers but had studied PRP. I left his office feeling upbeat and have had excellent care from him ever since.  

When I first  became a member of the Land of Chat (November 14, 2016) , I kept asking Tierney questions about our numbers, about this, about that. Most of which took some time for Tierney to look up and answer. Finally, after I had worn her down with all my questions, she asked if I would like to see the numbers myself. But to do so she would have to make me an administrator of the site. I’ve never regretted my decision when I said “Yes, make me an admin!” for I have learned so much. 

And now, 4 years later, I am looking forward to my new administrator position at PRP – Canada, using all that I have learned as an admin of the Land of Chat.

I am somewhat surprised that Bill McCue convinced me to volunteer for this position, but there was a reason, as you will see. 

Originally Bill asked if I would like to be the “King of Canada” when it came to PRP. Nice title! I’ve never been a King before and was very much looking forward to that lofty position. I immediately accepted his offer. As King, I could do anything I wanted – no questions asked! Neat!! 

And then a short while later Bill sent me a draft of the announcement  that you see above. In a short while I had lost my neat title and had been reduced to a Liason. What the heck is a Liason? I didn’t know and so asked Bill for an explanation. He replied, saying that he would tell me later, which he did.  “A liaison is what I tell you it is.” Hmm, I guess I can live with that.

I immediately cancelled my Amazon order for a King’s Crown (I had found one with PRP-red jewels!) hoping to replace it with a Liason Crown. But Amazon had no examples of a Liason Crown. Damn! I think I’d look pretty spiffy wearing a crown. Oh well… 

I do have some of my own ideas though which I will share in an email to my fellow Canadian members. And on that point I would like to mention that up to now Bill McCue is the only one to have member’s email addresses – neither Tierney nor myself have ever had your email addresses. In Bill we trust! That is something that the three of us have always been in complete agreement on – the importance of confidential information. Bill has now provided me with our Canadian member’s email addresses and other data so that I can communicate with my fellow Canadians. I will not be disclosing that info to anybody and will not be bombarding you with emails.  I do hope though that when you do receive an email from me you will take the time to read it and hopefully respond so that we can help each other, and new members yet to come,  live with PRP in Canada.

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