How to join the PRP Facebook Support Group

For those who are seasoned Facebookers, the PRP Facebook Support Group is relatively easy to find.

  • Step One — Go to

  • Step Two — Locate “Search for people, places and things”

  • Step Three — Enter: “Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP)”

  • Step Four — Click: “Ask to join”

The PRP Facebook Administrator will automatically accept your request when you confirm your status as a PRP patient, caregiver or supporter. It is truly that simple. The PRP Facebook Support Group (aka Land of Hope) is a “Closed Group” where conversations focuse on all things PRP.
Post a question and comments flood in. Need a hug, the huggers respond. Need a friend … there’s a community of fellow travelers ready to lend an ear or a shoulder. Need information … there are over 2,600 members who can share what works and what doesn’t for their unique version of PRP.

We care. We share. We learn together.