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Glossary Index

The following INDEX provides a quick scroll of over 100 words, terms and jargon currently included in the PRP Patient-Friendly Glossary of Word, Terms & Jargon. You may return to actual PRP Glossary at any time. If you would like to suggest a word, term or jargon NOT currently in the PRP Glossary, please “Leave a Reply” at the end …

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PRP Glossary of Words & Jargon

 x•  A •  B •  C •  D  •  E •  F •  G •  H •  I •  J •  K •  L •  M •  N •  O •  P •  Q •  R •  S •  T •  U•  V •  W•  X • Y •  Z •Top  Editor’s Note — The PRP Glossary of Words and Jargon represents a journey of sorts — my journey with the PRP global community. Along the way, we have cared, shared, …

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What’s Important?

The following webpage provides an overview of what is important about each question presented on the BASIC webpage. These are the “takeaways” you should have you in your metaphorical toolbox when dealing with family, friends and even dermatologists. As your PRP journey continues, you will become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) when you want to …

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Daily Life

This section of the PRP Survival Guide focuses on the daily challenges to body, mind, and spirit encountered by PRP patients. Every PRP journey is unique. The phrase, “my version of PRP”, helps underscore the fact that “What works for one does not work for all.” Please use CONTACT (right end of the navigation bar) to ask …

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EDITOR’S NOTE: A webpage-by-webpage review of the PRP Survival Guide began on November 15, 2022. At that time there were 548 published articles, 221 drafts in need of completion and 184 pre-draft articles that may or may not see the light of day. THE BASICS is where WE started. I say WE because PRP patients …

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New Members — Getting a Good Start

Editor’s Note Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned traveler, the more you know about pityriasis rubra pilaris, the better prepared you will be for the journey ahead. The following information has been developed to enlighten PRP patients and their caregivers, family and friends, teachers and school  administrators, and employers and co-workers. This information may also enlighten dermatologists and …

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