How do PRP patients refer to other PRP patients?

01.01.02  How do PRP patients refer to other PRP patients?

Within the PRP community their are some — let’s call them the “old guard” — who were members of the PRP Support Group. They like the moniker “Pretty Red People”. Just a tick too cutsie for some.

There are many more within the PRP Facebook community who have adopted a modification of the “PRP” acronym that qualifies as JARGON, a special language belonging exclusively to a group. These folks refer to PRP patients as PRPers. There are two problems with this option.

If you are talking to a health care professional and refer to a fellow PRP patients as a PRPer, you will earn a blank stare of profound befuddlement. That’s the problem with jargon.

As a public relations (PR) professional for several decades, Bill McCue was initially taken aback by the use of “PRPers”. In his Mind’s Eye — or perhaps his Mind’s Ear — he heard PR pee-ers. That would be a PR professional with a urinary condition. Oh my.

As a matter of style, clarity and convenience, the PRP Survival Guide refers to PRP patients.