Chapter 2: Diagnosing PRP

Chapter 2: Diagnosing Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP)

This category covers the diagnostic process including the onset of symptoms, misdiagnoses, biopsies as a diagnostic tool and the “official” PRP diagnosis.

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How is PRP diagnosed?


What are the symptoms of PRP?

How do PRP Symptoms progress

Biopsies as a diagnostic tool

What is a skin biopsy?

Why have a skin biopsy?

What are the types of skin biopsies?

What should a patient/caregiver know about skin biopsies?

How does the dermatologist perform a skin biopsy?

What happens to the biopsy sample?

What are the possible results?

What were the findings of the PRP Biopsy Poll

Misdiagnosing PRP

Why is it so difficult to diagnose PRP?

How can I be sure my PRP diagnosis is correct?

Are diagnostic errors a common medical mistake?

For what conditions can be PRP be misdiagnosed?

Should I get a second opinion

Can PRP coexist with other skin disorders?

What is the connection between PRP and psoriasis?

Measuring misdiagnosis

What is the iatrogenic effect?

ICD Codes

What is the ICD Code for PRP?

Were dermatologists ready for ICD-10?


What are the advocacy issues related to diagnosing PRP?


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