Diagnosing PRP Survey

To better understand the role played by dermatologists and dermatopathologists in the diagnosis of PRP.

Problem to be addressed
While some PRP patients enjoy a relatively quick diagnosis of PRP, many of us have had to suffer through a differential diagnosis that preceded the “official” PRP diagnosis. During that time either the wrong treatment was administered or the appropriate treatment was delayed. Understanding the diagnosis of PRP would seem to be an important part of our journey from onset to remission,

The entire worldwide PRP community will be surveyed.

The PRP Community Database and the technical resources of Constant Contact will be used to execute the Dx PRP Survey.

Measuring Success
The original PRP Biopsy Poll was conducted in the Summer of 2013 and reported findings based on 256 PRP patients. The goal for the PRP Diagnosing PRP Survey will be a minimum of 500 participants.

Diagnosing PRP Survey