COVID-19 PRP Global Vaccination Survey

Our Purpose

The purpose of the PRP COVID-19 Global Vaccination Survey is to officially document the following:

A.   How many PRP patients have taken or expect take when available any of the currently “approved” COVID-19 vaccines?
B,   How many PRP patients do not expect to take any of the currently “approved” COVID-19 vaccines?
C.  How many PRP patients are undecided regarding the taking of any currently “approved” COVID-19 vaccinations?
Select ONE of THREE option
❏   I have taken or expect to take one of the “approved” COVID-19 vaccines.
❏   I do NOT expect to take any COVID-19 vaccine.
❏   I have not decided to either take or NOT take a COVID-19 vaccine.
Privacy & Confidentiality
Whenever the results of the COVID-19 PRP Global Vaccination Survey are published, there will be NUMBERS … NOT NAMES. Any comments that are shared will be ANONYMOUS. Privacy Matters!
Participation Goal
Considering the fact that there is only ONE multiple-choice question with ONE OF THREE possible answers, we have set a cohort goal of 600 global participants or 25 percent of the PRP Global Database.
How we will use the data you share
When we receive completed surveys from 600 participants, press releases to the following:
❏   International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (
❏   National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD)
❏   Genetic & Rare Disease Information Center (GARD)

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