In the Queue: Ears & Impaired Hearing


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Posted by: Roberta K — Sicklerville, New Jersey; February 18, 2019 (22 comments)

“For almost 1 1/2 years I have felt something deep in my ear that drove me crazy. Went several times to same ENT and he removed some skin when I was in the throws of prp. I kept telling him there was more but he said there wasn’t. Got a second opinion. Today the new ent removed a large piece of dried skin, etc from my eustachian tube. Posting it. Sorry if it grosses you out. Important les SD on to all prpers- if they don’t believe you, find someone who does. You are not making it up!! Feeling better!”


Debbie Ray — Calgary, Alberta, Canada; February 26, 2019 (13 comments)

“I have been having a lot of issues with my hearing since starting my PRP journey in December, 2015. I cannot hear very much with my left ear and my right ear’s hearing is also deteriorating. I have had my ears flushed out a lot and my family Dr. doctor referred me to a specialist that deals with just ears. I have been told that the nerves in my ears aren’t working, hence my hearing loss. It cannot be fixed and I will probably need hearing aids. I found this online – “Sensory hearing loss often occurs as a consequence of damaged or deficient cochlear hair cells”. Has any one else had this problem and been told about this and is it a result of PRP? It is called sensorineural hearing loss and it damages the nerve fibres in the inner ear (hearing loss caused by the damage to the nerve that carries the signals to the brain). I have a follow up appt. with the ear specialist in a few mths. He said he will also be cleaning out my ears again when he sees me. The specialist is going to read up on PRP as well.”

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