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Pam A — Ithaca, New York; February 14, 2019 (69 comments)

“Can I ask how long into this journey you have to stop working and the reason why Is it the treatment or feet or face or tiredness ? I am getting through one day at a time reapplying emollients during day. Sleeping tablets help at night I don’t know if I am going to get worse. Does everyone get the same problems ? I love my job and have people who rely on me My treatment started today with acitretin December was ok January worse and not sure what comes next,”

Will going back to work make PRP worse?

Cathy C — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: November 18, 2020

“My husband has had PRP for 11 months now. His strength is all back and chills gone, but his skin is still covered in pink rash. He wants to go back to work next year, but concerned it will make it worse?
Hoping to go back to work

Cathy C — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: October 28, 2020

“Have any one worked during the acute stage. My husband has been off work close to a year. He’s hoping to go back to work next year.”

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