Is there a cure for PRP?

Can PRP be cured? GREAT topic to ponder. The consensus among dermatologists is that there is NO CURE for pityriasis rubra pilaris.

What’s missing is the medical definition of the word CURE that patients and healthcare professionals can agree upon.

✻  Does remission mean that the PRP patient is cured?

✻  What is the “official” definition of remission?

✻  What about post-remission relapses?

✻  For those who say that PRP will run its course, does the end of the journey represent a cure?

 Christine G (Zürich, Switzerland) sees her daughter’s PRP as a lifelong challenge.


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  1. The sentence… ✻ What is the definition inion of remission?…needs to be reworded. Editor: Fixed it.Thanks.

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