Compared to other more common skin disorders, PRP has very little research in the pipeline. PRP-specified research projects over the past eight years can be counted on one hand.

❏   Thomas Jefferson University Research

❏   Oregon Health and Science University Research

❏   UCLA, USC and Kaiser Permanente Research

❏   Brigham Research Institute Research

PRP Global Cohort

It’s time for the PRP global community to get proactive about research.

In medicine, a COHORT is a group that is part of a clinical trial or study and is observed over a period of time.

The largest cohort of PRP patients was assembled in late 2018 by the PRP global community. A total of 574 PRP patients participated in a comprehensive survey developed by UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, USC Keck Medical School, and Kaiser Permanente. Unfortunately the results of that research have been effective embargoed while UCLA et. al. tried to get the research published,

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