The Happy Dance for Tierney

The Happy Dance for Tierney

This section of Tierney’s Memorial provides EVERYONE with the opportunity to tell stories that will make everyone else smile. Either use “Leave a Reply” to share a ‘laughable moment” where Tierney laughed or made you laugh. You may also send your “laughable moment” to


Going to let Tierney kick this one off. On March 20, 2017, she shared the following with fellow PRP sufferers in a post on the topic of humor. She wrote:
“So fantastic reading all the positives of PRP, and the humor we can get from it. When my kids were little I had PRP episodes that lasted up to 20 years. When it was time for the “Tooth Fairy” or “Birthday Fairy” to come, I would just lean over their bed and shake. It would leave “Fairy Dust” on the bed to prove that she had visited. LOL”

Your turn.

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  1. Here is an example I shared a while back with family. It is timely as its a Christmas story. This got me thinking about how she was with people. When the kids were little and going to Friends school T volunteered there in the library and helped in the office. Before Christmas break one year she ran into one of the teachers crying alone and you know T was T she sat with her. Turns out the family with three kids was on real hard times – underinsured Dad got hurt couldn’t work for last few months and her Kids were not going to have a Christmas – and she worked surrounded by a Christmas decorated school. T patted her on the knee and headed out to the bank and back and gave her a nice Christmas envelope with too much money in it. When I next saw her she was a little sheepish and told me what she had done. I was pissed not so much about the money ( well a little) but she didn’t call me first.
    T proceeded to lay a REALLY WORLD CLASS SCROOGE GUILT TRIP on my ass and you can guess how I felt then.
    That’s my girl.

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