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From the Editor

The challenges we face to body, mind and spirit can be debilitating, demoralizing,  and de-mobilizing. Of ALL the symptoms of pityriasis rubra pilaris I had to endure during my 20-month journey, it was my feet and the impairments to my mobility that topped my list. Swollen. Cracked. Bleeding. Painful. However, once my feet returned to near normal, I knew I could beat PRP.

I was immobile and homebound for nearly three months. Acitretin, Clobetasol®, urea lotion, my dermatologist and my podiatrist helped me conquer immobility. My feet have returned to near normal albeit the paper-thin skin on the soles of my feet. I wear VERY comfortable and expensive footwear and don’t walk barefooted on my hardwood floors.

The condition of my feet was also aggravated by the fact I have type 2 diabetes and mild neuropathy. And so it goes.

Looking for SURVIVAL Stories About PRP Feet 

I suspect that almost every PRP patient has a story to tell about PRP and their feet.

A total of 42 PRP patients are represented in the images below. Each image was posted to the PRP Facebook Support Group. The challenge I face is MATCHING the image to a patient to a story.

These images reflect what I consider to be a standard road hazard on our journey from onset to remission. However, what you see is not the whole story. As bad as it gets, there is healing.  Each photo represents a story of survival that needs to be told.

The PRP Survival Guide will accept images of feet and share the stories they represent. People who care…share. People who share teach. People who teach learn from others.

Claim Your Foot

Use “Leave a Reply” to claim your foot. Simply indicate the number share whatever details you think will help other PRP patients. It’s that simple.


3 Replies to “PRP Gallery of Photos — FEET”

  1. Pleased you are using my photo
    It is the second from bottom (red feet,tiled floor in background)
    Stuart Turner UK (picture taken during acute stage at 2 months )during leg swell.
    I have lots more pictures if it helps.

    Can you consider changing the wording in the causes part in your survival guide.
    There is not currently a test for everything as to the drivers of PRP.Yes there are common themes ,but at present doctors cannot rule anything in or out.
    This may help people who are trying to make legal claims such as industrial accidents or negligence and associated evidence etc.

  2. PRP attacks callous’ on the bottom of feet as well on the palm of your hands for no unknown reason.

    Just a statement.

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