COVID-19 Clearinghouse for PRP


As a global community with over 2,000 PRP patients, my concern is that information about COVID-19 — as it specifically relates to pityriasis rubra pilaris — will find its way on the PRP Facebook Support Group webpage as a post, comment or reply only to be lost or buried. During the last 28 days (February 17-March 16, 2020) there have been 188 posts and 2,657 comments.

Bill McCue, Editor

We want to harvest and make available accurate, patient-friendly information about COVID-19, as it relates to the daily challenges of body, mind and spirit faced by PRP patients.

I hope that this section of the PRP Survival Guide will serve as a clearinghouse for information about COVID-19 based on the needs of the global PRP community.

Please note that the “Leave a Reply” feature at the end of this webpage page will enable you to ask PRP-specific questions about COVID-19. If you have a PRP-related question about COVID-19, give me a crack at it.

Covid-19 Clearinghouse for PRP


There is a great deal of information about COVID-19 online. A person can spend days reading information that quickly becomes redundant. I know. I did. Hopefully the information satisfies a PRP patient’s or PRP caregiver’s “want to know”.

❋   What to do NOW  A MUST READ!

Latest Updates from

From time to time the Centers for Disease Control and Protection will update information. The following links are for those with above average curiosity.

❋   COVID-19 Situation Summary

❋   COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

❋  COVID-19 cases worldwide

❋  Testing in the U.S.

Heard out & about in the Land of Chat

PRP-specific information about COVID-19 shared in the PRP Facebook Support Group will find its way to this section.

✔︎   Ichthyosis and COVID-19 — Jan T, Ringwood, New Jersey

✔︎    PRP, COVID-19 and toilet paper — Lisa S, Sebewaning, Michigan

✔︎   COVID-19 Meanderings

✔︎  COVID-19  — Why we should all wear masks  Lise Duedahl, Denmark



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