Stigmatization Reading List

From the Editor…

Issues related to stigmatization have not been discussed by the global PRP community in any meaningful way. The following is a reading list for those who want to know more. There are NO online documents that focus on stigmatization and PRP. I guess that the “ball us in our court.

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(1)  From WebMed: From PubMed,gov (NationaL Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health:

❏   These are the most stigmatized skin disorders

❏    Stigmatization in dermatology with a special focus on psoriatic patients.

❏   Strategies to reduce stigma related to visible chronic skin diseases: a systematic review

❏   Stigmatization and self-perception in children with atopic dermatitis

(2)  Current Opinion in Pediatrics (abstract): The stigma of skin disease

(3) (abstract): Helplessness as Predictor of Perceived Stigmatization in Patients with Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis

(4)  Reuters: People with psoriasis often face stigma, discrimination

(5) It takes all of us to reduce stigma during disease outbreaks

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