Juvenile Onset PRP — Prevalence

The consensus among dermatologists is that 40% of all PRP cases are Juvenile Onset. Let’s take a closer look at the three types of Juvenile Onset PRP.

Classical Juvenile Onset PRP  (Type 3)

✽   Usually occurs between the ages of 5 and 10

✽   Accounts for about 10 percent of all cases of PRP

✽   Remission can occur sooner than Classic Adult Onset, Type 1

✽   Average duration of Type 3 is one year

✽   Odds: One in 4 million

Circumscribed Juvenile Onset PRP (Type 4)

✽   Occurs in pre-pubertal children

✽   Usually confined to palms, soles, knees and elbows

✽   Accounts for about 25 percent of all cases of PRP

✽   Occurs in pre-pubertal children (age less than 14)

✽   Not a long-term affliction

✽   Odds: One in 1.6 million

Atypical Juvenile Onset PRP (Type 5)

✽  Occurs at birth or early in childhood, sometimes inherited

✽  Accounts for about five percent of all cases of PRP

✽  Most cases of “familial PRP” belong to this group.

✽  Runs a chronic, long-term duration

✽  Odds: One in 8 million.