Getting a Good Start

Editor’s Note

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned traveler, the more you know about pityriasis rubra pilaris, the better prepared you will be for the journey ahead.

The following information has been developed to enlighten PRP patients and their caregivers, family and friends, teachers and school  administrators, and employers and co-workers. This information may also enlighten dermatologists and healthcare providers who need exposure to our unique perspective as patients and caregivers. Download PDF

PRP Reports 

❋ NORD PRP Report (NORD website) (PDF for patient use)

NORD PRP Report (Google Translate Version)

❋ GARD PRP Report (GARD website)

PRP Survival Guide

❋   How to Use the PRP Survival Guide

❋   Chapter 1 — Understanding PRP

❋   Chapter 2 — Treating PRP

❋   Chapter 3 — Living with PRP

❋   Chapter 4 — PRP and Remission

COVID-19 PRP Clearinghouse

❋    Index

PRP Patient-Friendly Glossary of Words, Terms and Jargon 

❋   Glossary

❋   Index

PRP Facebook Support Group

❋   New Member Orientation