Walking in a Winter Wonderland

by Karen Schilling Gould, Palo Alto, California
Editor’s Note: Here are some new lyrics to Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Karen calls it “Walking ‘round with Blue Gloves on my Hands.”


Ears are clogged, I’m not listening
Hands and feet, they are stiffening
A real scary sight
My face feels so tight
Walking ‘round with blue gloves on my hands 

Gone away are my lashes
here to stay are my rashes
I sting all night long
I try to stay strong,
Walking ‘round with blue gloves on my hands

With our skin dust, we can build a snowman
We buy aquafor jars by the pound
They say, are you sunburnt
We’ll say, no man
We have the rarest skin disease in town

When my skin is on fire
Clobetasol i desire
I’ve hoped and I’ve prayed
That my rash would fade
Walking ‘round with blue gloves on my hands