Is PRP contagious?

While PRP is not contagious, it is important to include the phrase “not contagious” early in any first-time explanation of why we look the way we look.

When dealing with a passerby who stares at your red and flaking skin in the cereal aisle at grocery store, you might consider the following strategy:

❉  Make eye contact. Don’t turn away or look down. You may have the opportunity to build awareness of PRP.
❉  Smile. Combined with eye contact and the Door of Enlightenment may swing open.
❉  Now say something like: “I have a very rare skin disorder that is NOT contagious. It’s called PRP which stands for pityriasis rubra pilaris.”

Remember — it’s your grocery store too. Clean up on Aisle 4 doesn’t mean you unless you are standing in the same place for 30-40 minutes.