PRP Research at OHSU Update: July 3, 2018

On May 9, 2018 — nearly two months ago — I posted messages to the PRP Facebook and RareConnect communities announcing that Dr. Teri Greiling, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, had been given the green light to treat 15 PRP patients with Taltz® (Ixekizumab, a biological manufactured by Lilly. I created a page in the PRP Survival Guide to explain the research project and answer questions.

“Yesterday I received the long-awaited call. “All the approvals had been made by OHSU and Lilly (manufacturer of Taltz®) and Dr. Greiling’s PRP research project had been given the green light to treat 15 patients with PRP. Now it’s our turn. All the details can be found in the PRP Survival Guide at
Within a few weeks, however, my recruitment effort was put on hold  until OHSU received a sufficient supply of Taltz from Lilly. The following message was received from OHSU on July 2:
“We have officially administered our first dose of study drug as of Wednesday, June 27! Moreover, we have received a large supply of drug from Lilly and have a couple more study participants lined up to start (*hopefully) soon. Just wanted to say thanks again for your help and let you know we are full steam ahead with recruitment.”
In other words, the PRP research effort at OHSU is ready to pre-qualify participants. All it takes is a phone call or and email to Dr. Terry Greiling at OHSU.
Phone: 503-494-3376
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