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The BRight Side of a Dark Day
Jan Tennant
11 hrs June 15

In the realm of the remarkable: I got a bad scrape on my forearm two days ago. It swelled up, got very red, and was like any other scrape. Today it is almost gone! Also, have I mentioned that all the age spots on my hands and face are gone?


Communicating with tju


Dear all, Due to institutional regulations, I will be using this account strictly for communicating periodic updates to a group. I am not permitted to “friend” or “accept” friend request. I will also not be using the chat feature. Please do not take this personally! 🙂

It would be best (for individual questions) to use the email address PRP@jefferson.edu. I typically get a chance to check this email every 24-48 hours. I hope to respond to basic questions within that time frame. Items related to study enrolment documentation can take longer due to scanning and other requirements.

If it is urgent, you may email my personal email Nicholas.Ross@jefferson.edu. Nevertheless, for record keeping purposes, it is best to always use the PRP@jefferson.edu address to centralize all your communications with our study group!


Before the diagnosis — State of Worry

Hi All,
I’m new here. On April 20th my dermatologist did biopsy and after 4 weeks said it is either chronic eczema or PRP. And he asked me to get an appointment at Brussels university hospital with a research doctor. I could get appointment only for 22 June. But in mean time, I read about PRP last week for first time and I became very sad and afraid.


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