Another Biological Approved for Psoriasis

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Janssen Announces U.S. FDA Approval of TREMFYA™ (Guselkumab) for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis

The following message was posted by Ginny M (Lexington, SC) to the PRP Facebook Community (08/02/2017). “My dermatologist mentioned this new biologic to me last week. I have been on Stelara for seven years and had to increase to 90mg recently. The side effects are weighing me down. I can’t imagine getting insurance approval for Tremfya™ any time soon.

The news spread to Ringwood, NJ.

Jan T — Ringwood, NJ
Tremfya has been studied in a head-to-head study with Humira. It is effective in patients who did not respond well to Stelara (which is also made by Janssen) Tremfya specifically targets IL-23 like Stelara does. head-to-head comparisons will be very useful.Ginny M
Great summary of the article!Jan T
My insurance won’t put a drug on its formulary until it’s been on the market a year (and probably wouldn’t approve this off-label anyway.)

Ginny M
I was in the same boat with Stelara eight years ago.

Jan T
It’s a tough situation. Part of me wishes the earlier cheaper drugs worked better and without the effects on the liver. Often the old tried-and-true drugs actually are just as good (and certainly cheaper) than the new highly touted drugs. New isn’t always better. Still, if a doctor and patient feel the drug is worth a try, the insurance companies should approve. Proper treatment saves money in the long run.

Ginny M
Methotrexate worked well for me for many years. However, the side effects, blood work every eight weeks and three liver biopsies were alot. Remicade worked well, but those side effects were over the top. So I am a huge fan of the new biologic drugs. They are narrowing in and targeting specific areas. I did very well on 45mg for 6 years but the 90mg of Stelara is too much.

Jan T
I’m going to read up on this one in the journals. Obviously the market for psoriasis drugs is very strong.

Carol L — Jacksonville, FL
Since there’s now something new on the market, maybe you will be allowed to try TALTZ. It’s been miraculous for me ! 1 and 1/2 years of almost complete clearing. Isolated light outbreaks on chest, and of course hands and feet never have been completely clear.

Jan T
More specific than Stelara in targeting the immune pathway thought to be involved in psoriasis. (Humira has a different mechanism of action than either of those.) More specificity means Tremfya will have less of an impact on immune system functions that are not thought to be involved in psoriasis. However, and this is my thought: how close is PRP to psoriasis with respect to the immune system pathways involved? A target more specific in the treatment of psoriasis may or may not translate to better treatment for PRP. Fingers crossed.


Another Biological Approved for Psoriasis

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