PRP and Nitrile Gloves

From the Editor…

The use of efficacy of nitrile gloves by PRP patients is well documented within the PRP community. Of course, the information is scattered hither and yon. The purpose of this page is to gather feedback from PRP patients and caregivers for newcomers.

What are nitrile gloves?

The Safety Zone is one of many sources for information about  NITRILE GLOVES. Here is what they say about their own product: IMPORTANT: The PRP Survival Guide does not endorse  products or services marketed to PRP patients and their caregivers. We leave it to PRP patients and caregivers to comment on the efficacy of products and services.

“Nitrile gloves are the perfect compromise between latex and vinyl. Nitrile is made from an allergy safe compound that feels a lot like latex but it’s much stronger, costs less, and is more comfortable to wear. Nitrile is perfect for demanding applications, especially cleaning and dishwashing. Our lightly powdered versions are produced with a food grade corn starch powder, making it easier to take them on or off – especially with wet hands. Powder free gloves go through an extra process of chlorinating the gloves to ease donning.
Within the PRP community, there is no more enthusiastic advocate of nitrile gloves than Lorna R (Eugene, OR) who shares the following:

“Nitrile is latex free. I wore nitrile gloves for three years, day and night. I never had any problems. I would take them off when I showered and applied the body cream. If I had not worn them, my hands would have been useless. Sometimes when you are just sitting, you take the gloves off or a bit, But it did not take long for that thick layer of keratin to harden.”

Jan T (Ringwood, NJ) notes:

“I was so happy to find out about nitrile gloves. I use them constantly and without them, my hands are practically useless. My chemistry major daughter wore them in chem lab all through college and does have one warning: they are not impervious to some strong chemicals and solvents, so for housecleaning or in the garage, you might want to put heavy duty latex gloves over them”. For those who want to learn too much about nitrile gloves, check out Gloves by Web where you will find the answer to the question: “What are nitrile gloves and when use them?”

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