PRP Humor and Humour

From the Editor … The alternate spelling of humor/humour is a courtesy to the PRP communities in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand — any where PRP patients and caregivers (carers) require extra help to find this page. (That was a joke!) Please use “Leave a Reply” to submit your PRP-related humor/humour.   Murray R  — Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

“Is it just me or do you get annoyed at the amount of time you spend putting on all your creams,  lotions and assorted topicals? I think I’ve found an answer to that problem. And when you are on the top of the slide, remember to yell out ‘Whee!'”

Bill M — Plano, Texas

What holly has to do with pityriasis rubra pilaris?  The answer may make you smile which is the purpose of this section of the PRP Survival Guide. “My house has holly bushes; too many holly bushes. Oh, how I hate holly bushes! But they look great from afar. Dark green. Lush green. But up close, they hurt. Let’s face it, holly is a mean spirited plant. It’s a lot like PRP.” Read More

Murray R — Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Humor has medical benefits . A lot of PRP patients find that stress can trigger PRP symptoms. It has been found that humor can reduce stress and other medical conditions.



PRP Humor and Humour