Poem: Molly’s Smelly Socks

From the Editor:
Christine G (Zürich, Switzerland) recently shared a healing milestone experienced by her daughter, Molly. On July 3, 2017, Mum and daughter celebrated “the FIRST smelly socks after four years on this bumpy PRP journey! ” As Christine notes, “Smelly socks and drops of sweat on her legs are so precious for us. Only the PRP community can understand this! Thanks to all of you who travel with us and caring for our Molly in dry and sweaty times!”

Molly’s clothes get dirty,
She is a kid, you know.
But, never are they smelly
‘Cuz her sweat glands never go.

Then one day her mother paused,
And sniffed the Zürich air;
For the sweet sweet smell of Molly,
Was surprisingly NOT there.

Sniff, sniff, sniff — her search began.
Sniff, sniff, sniff is how it goes.
Christine starts at Molly’s head,
Then sniffs down to her toes.

“The socks! Her socks!”, she shouts out loud.
“The smell is here, a stinky cloud.”
‘Twas a cloud of stink for all to smell.
A milestone of healing, she could share as well.

What a joy for Molly — who now can finally be,
With sweaty feet and stinky, like her family.
Her father sweats and her Mum does too.
But what a joy, Molly’s feet are stinky too.

A smelly sock. A stinky sock.
A sock with dirt and sweat.
Gets tossed into a basket
Where more stinky clothes are met.

Those other clothes are joyful too,
They too missed socks that smell,
But we know this is a healing sign
That Molly’s getting well.