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PPR research is an ongoing effort. The PRP Survival Guide will attempt to provide updates to the worldwide PRP community.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thomas Jefferson University is accepting
blood samples for PRP-related research.

Thomas Jefferson University is at a point in their PRP research where they need blood samples from the members of the PRP community. The worldwide PRP community includes the PRP Facebook Support Group, PRP Community on RareConnect and PRP Support Group — as well as those who are unaligned with any patient support organization.


(1) ACTIVE — Any PRP patient who is currently under treated for pityriasis rubra pilaris and ENROLLED in the PRP Study

(2) IN REMISSION — Any PRP patient who is in remission and ENROLLED in the PRP Study

IMPORTANT — You must be ENROLLED in the TJU study in order to submit samples. If you are not currently ENROLLED, please complete and submit both the consent form and study survey.

✽      PRP Research Patient Study Packet from Thomas Jefferson University

✽     TJU Blood Sample Instructions dated June 13, 2017 (PDF)


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