PRP Support Group

What they say about themselves…

“This international support group was established for people diagnosed with the a rare skin disease Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP). The PRP Support Group was formed in 1997 under the kind and compassionate leadership of Jean-Luc Deslauriers (1948 – 2003), who lived in New Brunswick, Canada.

“The primary goal of the Support Group is to provide a forum for people to share information about PRP, including their experiences, anxieties and treatment options, and to provide mutual support to each other.

“The website contains information about PRP, about the Support Group itself, and other information sources.”

What is the PRP Support Group?

“The PRP Support Group is made up of people from all corners of the globe that have been affected in some way by this rare skin disease. The support group includes not only people with PRP, but also their partners, families and friends. The group also includes some former suffers (in remission), and a small number of misdiagnosed people, who have remained with the group to support others and participate in our online community.”

PRP Support Group

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