PRP Survival Guide — Peer Review

From the Editor…

Abbas Virji, a retired GP living in London, England, was diagnosed with adult onset PRP in August 2016. As a Health Care Professional (HCP) he asks an important questions abut the content of the PRP Survival Guide.

✽  Has the PRP Survival Guide been peer reviewed and piloted?

✽  Has there been any input from an interested dermatologist?

The simple answer is YES. A more accurate answer would be that the PRP Survival Guide will have both Peer Review and HCP Review.


Since the PRP Survival Guide is based on the experiences and insights of PRP patients and caregivers, I see peer review as the review by PRP patients and caregivers. The entire PRP community is invited to review any and all posts and PDFs made available via the PRP Survival Guide. Questions and comments can be shared using “Leave a Reply” on every webpage, Based on questions and comments, there will be appropriate copyediting to ensure than the content is accurate and complete.


Similarly, every article is available for review by Health Care Professionals. It is important that the PRP Survival Guide be subjected to review by  benefit from review by dermatologists, specialists and general physicians.  While there is no expectation that a handful of HCPs will read everything, we are confident that every article will be reviewed by at east one HCP.


Theoretically, every dermatologist who is treating PRP is a de facto member of the PRP Medical Advisory Board. We only ask the following:

✽  Read the post or PDF

✽  Use “Leave a Reply” to Indicate that the post/PDF has been reviewed.

✽  When appropriate, add appropriate comments regarding ANYTHING related to the accuracy of the post/PDF.

✽  HCP comments will be incorporated in or amended to the post/article.

PRP Survival Guide — Peer Review

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