Shipping Blood Samples: Pine City to Philly

From the Editor…

Cami B  (Pine City, MN) is participating in ongoing PRP research at Thomas Jefferson University.

Misdiagnosed She received an email on June 13, 2017 requesting blood samples. from TJU researchers. The following day she went to the lab where the blood samples were taken. It was then off to the Post Office.

The following steps taken by Cami chronicle the shipping of her blood samples to Philadelphia. She shared this information in a post to the PRP Facebook Support Group.

I received an email requesting blood samples today for the PRP research project at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and going to the lab tomorrow to send them!! Exciting news!!

I just called the clinic and spoke to the lab. They scheduled an appointment for me to come in.

Here is what I did and it was totally good at the post office. They guided me right through it.

1.   I obtained the blood sample at the lab in my doctor’s office. They did not charge me for this. They put the sample in a biohazard Ziploc bag for me.

2.  Wrap the biohazard bag in paper towels. Absorbent material is required for shipping.

3.  To prevent crushing, place the paper towel-wrapped sample in a small box, appropriately sized for the sample.

4.  Place the entire box into an appropriately sized Ziploc bag and seal. This (meets double-wrapped requirement.

5.  Wrap this Ziploc bag — containing the box containing the paper towel wrapped biohazard baggie full of blood samples  —  in bubble wrap for good measure.

6.  Mark “FRAGILE” — not a requirement of the Post Office but something Cami for good measure.

7.  Ship overnight at the post office for a total of $23.75. TJU will have it the following day/

With well-deserved pride, Cami announced to fellow PRP Facebookers, “TADA!! The Post Office approved shipping of my blood samples. I hope my blood samples will provide useful data to help the medical community support us all and make recovery quicker and symptom management successful! I will also be excited to learn the results in a month or two!”

NOTE: Cami’s PRP Snapshot: Onset date: mid-May 2016; Onset age: 45, Misdiagnoses: psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema; Biopsies: 2; PRP diagnosis date: July 19, 2016; Diagnosis: Adult Onset, Type 1; Current status: Active.