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How has PRP affected your use of make-up?

INDEX makeup

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  1. ‎The following post and comments about MAKEUP was started on December 6, 2016. The unedited version is available at:‎

    Annette B — Benton, ARI have a reunion tonight with Army friends I haven’t seen in about 18 years. These are before & after shots while getting ready this evening. I use Clinique makeup. I’m not trying to sell anything, its just that I’ve tried everything from Cover girl to Arbonne and Clinique is the best camouflage I have found. I’d sure appreciate any tips you ladies have. I put on a thin layer of Vaseline, then the foundation. If I’m not careful the Vaseline will make my eye makeup smear. Hope you all have a great weekend

    Andy W — Reidsville, NC
    I think it would clash with my manliness. Pretty neat what that stuff can do!

    Brenda M — Kent, England, UK
    Fantastic, I used Boot’s No. 7 which is hypoallergenic and it had similar effects

    Julie D — Seattle, WA
    Clinique is pretty great! I’ve been using Dermablend for the past couple years and like it a little bit more.

    Violet T
    Wonderful! I use Neutrogena and it works well. However, if my face is peeling, the made-up skin loosens and hangs so I look like something from a horror movie! LOL. Yes, vaseline first does help keep it from peeling.

    Linda B
    I also use Boots No.7 products for sensitive skin. Looking good; have a great night!

    Krista V — San Luis Obispo, CA
    I have been in cosmetics for over 20 years and tried it all and you should get a sample of the Doublewear by Estée Lauder. I love it. It covers and hides and gives a beautiful flawless looking complexion. It stays through sweat, workouts. It’s $40 a bo…See More

    Linda B
    I took part in a make-up demo recently and the Beautician used Bare Minerals products. My complexion looked so much better and no redness!!

    Patricia J — Pennsylvanie (Philadelphie)
    I always used vitamin E oil before make up. but this worked wonderfully for you!

    Emmy B — Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
    I use also the Doubleweat by Estee Lauder and also with the fingers as Krista discribed. I am verry pleased with it!

  2. ‎The following post and comments about MAKEUP was started on January 18, 2015. The unedited version is available at:‎

    Sheila M — Louisville, KY
    Thus question is for the ladies, make-up does anyone of you all wear make up? My few attempts at wearing make-up since prp has failed miserably, it looks terrible and peels and is just a mess. I would love to put my make up on and feel pretty again, especially when we go to Maui in a few weeks. Any suggestions?

    Brenda M — Kent, England, UK
    When my face was really bad I used a hypoallergenic foundation and lipstick but did not use eye makeup. I rarely wear makeup normally and have returned to my natural look again!

    Karen B — Rochester, NY
    I use bare minerals and Clinique for redness moisturizer I use the powder kind that you have to blend its not sticky and really helps to cover up the redness on your face and Clinique press powder when I need it and cover girl mascara and eyeliner seems to be the only things that do not break out my face or irritate it . Good luck I have found they work the best

    Missy E — Denton, NC
    I never did wear makeup the entire year I had it. My face was the first place to get it & the last place to let it go. I figured it was a lost cause lol.

    Lorna R — Eugene, OR
    I have never used makeup. Just some lip gloss. I think you do just as well moisturizing your facial skin.

    Debbie D — Daphne, AL
    Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen… Origins has a few good ones

    Leanne C — Sydney, NSW Australia
    I didn’t wear any for months, maybe just a tinted moisturizer. The peeling makes it look worse & when I wore lipstick you couldn’t tell as my face was as pink as the lipstick!! My. Eyelashes fell out so no mascara, & eyebrows disappeared. Terrible times

    Tierney R — Virginia Beach, VA
    I gave up wearing makeup. Used to be that I wouldn’t leave the house without it, but PRP quickly changed that. Any foundation or powder just flakes off, and my eyes were so itchy that any kind of eye makeup was just hazardous. Now that I’m going into remission I’ve begun rethinking the whole makeup question… I want to go back to putting so much energy into it?

    Judy F
    I gave up facial makeup, too. To me it’s much more important to keep vaseline on my face & of course any makeup would slide right off. I try to find some eyelashes to put some mascara on for work (seem to be losing them) & maybe eyeliner if I’m not too greasy–but at this point, i truly don’t care what I look like without makeup.

    Neelam M — Rockville, MD
    I’ve been having this same issue… My mom bought me this great foundation with excellent coverage, but peeling around my mouth, forehead and eyes was an issue. The foundation is called Tarte- it’s Amazonian Clay. Last night I slept with aquaphor all…See More

    Julie D – Seattle, WA
    I make sure that my face is nice and smooth first – I use a wash cloth with facial scrub and just scrub my face all over, then moisturize with aquaphor. I wait till it’s absorbed or pat it with a tissue, then apply Ulta brand primer+foundation combo, j…See More

    Loretta M — Cape Fair, MO
    Mix your foundation with a little Vaseline apply to your face then wait about half an hour then reaaply just the foundation. Try a cream eye shadow

    Marianne B — San Diego
    Try a really good foundation that is basically more of a moisturizer than foundation. I use chanel no. 5 vitalumeire. Im also using laneige water bank moisturizer. Also arbonne lipstick. All pretty pricey but works great. No eye makeup. My eyes are too dry and itchy so it would be useless

    Trine J — Aarhus, Denmark
    I have not yet gone back to makeup but i look forward to try… have had luck with la roche de posey foundation and mineral water og loreal magic creme for redness (BB creme/cc creme). I used to take very good care of my skin; moistorising mask, exfoliating etc but now i do not dare anything.Any advice on this?

    Sarah R — Skipton, North Yorkshire, England, UK
    Hi Trine I know what you mean, used to be a clairns girl, now Diprobase and Vaseline! I can wear make up, but not foundation as it doesn’t go on right, it’s the removal of the make up, my eyes afterwards look awful, bright red, almost zombie like!

    Leanne C — Sydney, NSW Australia
    Best removal is with coconut oil

    Annette B
    I use Clinique foundation and moisture surge. The moisture surge is amazing for the dryness and the foundation covers better than anything I have found. If I go without my foundation my skin gets worse…something in it makes it better. Its a little pricey, about $32 a bottle, but a bottle last several months for me.

    Neelam M
    Try Vasanti face scrub- it’s the best exfoliation I’ve ever tried- reviews say it’s very gentle:

    Nicola G — Central Otago, New Zealand
    Your husband will think you are beautiful with or without makeup. I use a mineral powder when my skin isn’t too bad. I hope you feel good for your trip. Sometimes just putting on a little lipstick or lipgloss can give you a boost 🙂

    Brenda M
    A word of caution, PRP exfoliates, I would be very careful using any product that produces this effect. Your skin is replacing itself every three days instead of thirty, you don’t need any kind of artificial srub!! Any product applied to the skin will absorb through several layers, these layers are already under extreme stress.

    Tami C — St. Paul, MN
    I use liquid eyeshadow. regular mascara and eyeliner but I don’t wear anything else except for lip gloss.

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