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The PRP Survival Guide is a repository of experiences and insights shared by PRP patients and their caregivers. Collectively, the PRP community possesses a wealth of practical knowledge about pityriasis rubra pilaris. We need to harvest that knowledge for those in need of enlightenment.

Share what you have learned about PRP as a patient or caregiver. Share what you have been told by your dermatologist? Share articles  you feel might be worth reading or websites worth visiting. Please use “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this webpage to answer the following question:

What over-the-counter moisturizing product(s) have you found to be most effective?

INDEX moisturizing

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    Beiersdorf offers free Eucerin® and Aquaphor® to families in the U.S. who use large amounts of these products.. This includes adults and children being treated for PRP

    (1) The company will send a free case of the product, as long as specific instructions are followed.

    (2) The member/patient must first contact customer service at: 800.227.4703 to establish an account with Aquaphor, prior to the physician faxing a request.

    (3) Once an account is established, a doctor’s letter (on doctor’s letterhead), with patient/member contact info rmation, diagnosis and treatment must be faxed to 203-563-5940.

    (4) Finally, the request must be renewed every three months.

  2. COLD MOISTURIZERS — Overheard on the PRP-L List

    Christian P — Stuart, FL
    The heat makes you itchy. My dermatologist told me once to keep my skin
    moisturizer in the refrigerator because it is hard to be both cold and

    Cheryl A

    I started to get PRP in the summer months , so I put my moisturiser in the fridge also, it is a lovely feeling to cool down your body with the cold moisturiser and stop the itch

  3. The Efficacy of Coconut Oil

    The following article appeared n the June 2015 issue of On the Road… and has been added to the PRP Survival Guide. The brief discussion involved only seven PRPers, but resulted in some excellent information and great images. This is precisely how the PRP Survival Guide will evolve in the years ahead. When PRPers share, we all learn.

    Over 20,000 posts have been collected and reside in the PRP Facebook Support Group archives. We already have a collection of invaluable insights on everything for fingernails and ears to itch relief and holistic options. We know what works for some and what doesn’t work for others. Mark N started the discussion with a suggestion…

    Mark N — Kalamazoo, MI
    I would like to suggest raw organic coconut oil for those who are in the clearing stage. If you are in the acute stage, it won’t cut the burning like Aquaphor does. I have been using coconut oil for the past few days and I like how the skin absorbs it. It’s not greasy like Aquaphor. My dermatologist says that the acitretin I am on takes every ounce of oil out of the skin. Perhaps this is a good way to replace it?

    Debbie D — Daphne, AL
    We use raw organic coconut oil internally/topically daily. We have tried all of the ones available to us and one of the best tasting brands is Artisana. Preparation: This is what works for using coconut oil when the temperature is below the melting point… Silicon baking cups filled with gently liquified oil and then allowed to cool. Just pop it out, rub over the area that you want and drop it back in the cup.

    Nicola G — Central Otago, New Zealand
    Love coconut oil! Someone once told me you shouldn’t put anything on your skin unless you can eat it. Coconut oil is one of these.

    Barbara P — LaGrange, GA
    According to From “Coconut oil is solid in either a glass or plastic container. Glass is best option, as there is not a risk of leaching into the oil. For plastic containers, look for those that say BPA-free to avoid the possibility of harmful compounds being introduced into your coconut oil. While coconut oils can withstand high temperatures in cooking, it should not be stored in direct sunlight, especially when packaged in a plastic container.” Maybe this is why you don’t store it in plastic…..?

    Bronwen S — Auckland, NZ
    Totally agree — especially in the clearing stage

    Laura B — St. Cloud, MI
    Coconut oil has been my saving grace in this process!
    Preparation: I whip mine for several minutes in a mixer and then add a little liquid vitamin E while it is mixing. I store it in an airtight container. LOVE the consistency of it — like a whipped lotion, almost!

    Leanne C — Sydney, NSW Australia
    Coconut water smoothies are good for hydration too.

    Sarah R — Skipton, North Yorkshire, England, UK
    Almond oil works best for me. When I was at the start of PRP, before any meds, the dermatologist recommended almond oil or coconut oil, its such a pure oil, will moisture deep into the skin. You can buy it in the food section in supermarkets. It’s the same stuff as in the health shops but cheaper! I put it on all over last night after a shower, even through my hair, to relieve the itchy, dry and flaking scalp. The relief for me is noticeable.

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