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Have PRP caused issues related to lymph nodes and glands?

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  1. ‎The following post and comments about LYMPH NODES was started on December 6, 2016. The unedited version is available at:

    Traci W — Seymour, IN
    Question…..anyone have issues with lymph nodes? I have swelling on the left side of my head. I am calling doc in am.

    Correen P — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Yes Traci. I had some swollen ones , doctor told me it was inflammation , but I’d call the doctor
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    Kendra H — Stockton, CA
    Super swollen. Side of neck, arm pits, groin. Because of my history of cancer, they did biopsies and a PET scan. All benign. Still, good to be sure.

    Traci W
    ER doc feels that I got a bug from my grandson

    Jeannine E — Clearwater, FL
    My doc said it was due to the disease. All of mine were swollen, groin, neck, pits, for 18 months.

    Traci W
    It concerned me because my dad had an episode many years ago that he almost died from. He had to have drain tubes in his face to drain the abscesses.

    Sean L — The Woodlands, TX
    Arm pits and groin area for 6 months. Dr. said it was the norm for this condition.

    Dawn R — Rosamond, CA
    The left side of my neck has swollen lymph nodes. They keep getting bigger and I get more and more. I’m glad to hear it’s the PRP. Thanks everybody.☺️

    Deborah B — Kannapolis, NC
    Same here- all mine were swollen, even my elbow and knee pits! I dry brush which is supposed to help. They have gone down now, but flare up every now and then. It was pretty scary!

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