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Did you ever have an infection that complicated your PRP?

INDEX infections

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  1. The following conversation about COLDS was started on April 28, 2017. To read the unedited version, please go to:

    Joan P — Portland, OR
    Coming down with a cold. Headache, sore throat, runny nose,etc. Just got over one. Are PRPers more apt to get colds?

    Tierney R — Virginia Beach, VA
    Yes. Our immune system is depressed and we catch more bugs than before PRP. We have to be careful where we go and who we’re around.

    Aziz T — Laurens, SC
    Actually since my PRP I have had fewer colds, no flu etc. I did change my behavior, I wear a mask when I fly, if someone is sick around me I leave, I get my flu shot, avoid unclean food, etc. I do that to keep from relapsing now that I am mostly over the acute phase.

    Traci W — Seymour, IN
    I thankfully have not had cold or flu this year. I have noticed recently though that my throat is itchy, scratchy, and tickly due to my allergies. I have been using more Zyrtec lately for it.

    Sean L — The Woodlands, TX
    I didn’t get anything for over a year when I was in the acute phase. Seemed as if my immune system had super powers.

    Brenda M — Kent, England, UK
    It might depend if you are on immune suppresant drugs.

    Joan P
    I am on acitretin.

    Correen P — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Not me.

    Jonathan B — Tucson, AZ
    I have atypical adult onset. Starting noticing symptoms about 4 years ago. Since a child I only get sick sick maybe once a year. PRP didn’t change that. I’m also not on any meds

    Lorna R — Eugene, OR
    I don’t know where you live, but it is that time of year, when everything is blooming. Evergreens, flowering trees and plants, grass. So, you could have seasonal allergy syndrome.

    Joan P
    Don’t think allergies would cause sore throat, feverish feeling. Colds take five days with meds and a week without. Lots of water, vitamin C and I am feeling better.

    Correen P
    I am on mtx and stelara etc I never get sick others around me do and everyone soooo worried I will and I have been blessed and not picked up anything viral , stomach flu yes a few times

  2. The follow conversation about COLDS was started on January 12, 2017. For an unedited version of the original post and comments, please goto:

    ‎Cami B — Pine City, MN
    What do you do when you catch a cold?? Same stuff? DayQuil? NyQuil? Cold medicine? Hope I kick it quick — my first sign of illness while on Enbrel — baaaah!!!!

    Linda B — Oswestry, Shropshire, England, UK
    I am meds free in terms of treatment for PRP, but have been hit by the dreaded lurgy, chesty cough, sore throat etc affecting much of the UK at the moment! I took the usual over the counter cold/flu remedies such as soluble paracetamol, but was eventually prescribed antibiotics by my GP after being diagnosed with a chest and ear infections. Rest as much as possible and keep up your fluid intake.

    Traci W — Seymour, IN
    I had a cold right after starting Humira and I have had the flu twice. I took mess as normal. I have now started taking 1500mg of vitamin C daily.

    Correen P — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Tell your doctor that you have a cold. When I took Remicade in 1999 for Crohns Disease, I had to stop until my cold cleared.

    Traci W
    It is so hard to stay away from all of the germs. I have two grandsons in kindergarten, my daughter goes to dialysis and my husband works in a factory. The germs are just all around me.

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