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Why should I wear gloves?
Nitrile versus Cotton?

INDEX — gloves

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  1. The following was posted on March 25, 2017 and introduced a new “glove” product. The unedited post/comments are available to PRP Facebook Support Group Members at:

    Abbas V — London, England, UK
    ‎I’m trying out VITRILE glove. It’s a hybrid Nitrile with vinyl. So far my preferred glove as it combines the firmness of vinyl without going hard after a few hours but has flexibility and some softness of nitrile, without going floppy and and loose and annoying. What would be great is to get some extra grip thrown in that only latex can give…that lovely ability to open bottle tops etc. Work in progress..but so far soooo good.

    Tania T — Harz, Germany
    Would be great Abbas, if you have indeed found an answer to being able to wear gloves and still do normal activities! Good to keep those hand creamed up as much as one can without adding annoyances …..

    Nick A — Worthing, England, UK
    Abbas, the best nitrile gloves I’ve used are from Wickes. Nice and soft and don’t go hard. I wear them overnight full of gunk and in the morning my hands are like there’s nothing wrong. That don’t liast long unfortunately! They’re about 7 quid for a box of 50 pairs.

    Tania T
    Once you have creamed and gloved your hands, does anyone else put cotton gloves on top? This is what our derm suggested because (1) so the unsightly gloves were hiding and (2) to keep the hands warm allowing the pores to absorb the cream?

    Abbas V
    I use silk gloves and quite like them. Will also try cotton,, thanks Tina.

    Tania T
    I am sure the silk ones work just as well Abbas! And look posh too

    Nick A
    Abbas, do you get your butler to put your silk gloves on you??

    Abbas V
    Of course, Nick! Doesn’t yours oblige?

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