PRP Exercise and Physical Activity

From the Editor
The PRP Survival Guide is designed to be a repository of experiences and insights shared by PRP patients and their caregivers. Collectively, the PRP community possesses a wealth of practical knowledge about pityriasis rubra pilaris. Only we are best positioned to harvest that knowledge.

Share what you have learned about the challenges of exercise and physical activity on the road from onset to remission. Share articles you feel might be worth reading or websites worth visiting. Here is the first question we ask.

How has exercise and physical activity affected your PRP journey?

Bill M (Plano, TX)

Prior to my onset of PRP (age 66), my daily exercise regime included a brisk, four-mile walk. I am fortunate to live is a residential area where I can walk out my front door, turn right on 15th (1 mile), right on Ohio (1 mile), right on Park (1 mile) and a right on Coit (1 mile) and back to 15th. No traffic lights. All sidewalk.

My PRP journey did not include that daily 4-mile walk. Today, at age 72 (5 years into remission), I am back to an “occasional” 4-mile walk. I know I need to do better than “occasional”.

It should be noted that here are PRP patients who include exercise and physical activity as part of their daily regimen whenever possible.

Please share what you have learned about PRP as it relates to exercise and physical activity. Send an email to