How To Join the PRP Facebook Support Group

How To Join The PRP Facebook Support Group

For those who are seasoned Facebookers, the PRP Facebook Support Group is relatively easy to find.

 Step One — Go to

 Step Two — Locate “Search for people, places and things”

 Step Three — Enter: “Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP)”

 Step Four — Click: “Ask to join”

The PRP Facebook Administrator will automatically accept your request. It is truly that simple. The PRP Facebook Support Group (aka Land of Chat) is a “Closed Group” where the conversation focuses on all things PRP.

Post a question and comments flood in. Need a hug, the huggers respond. Need a friend … there’s a community of fellow travelers ready to lend an ear or a shoulder. Need information … there are nearly 1,400 members who can share what works and what doesn’t for their unique version of PRP. We learn together.