INDEX — Healing milestones

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What do you consider to be the healing milestones of PRP?

INDEX — Healing milestones

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  1. I’ll get this one started.

    ONSET DATE @ AGE: August, 2012 at 66

    Milestone #1 (November 28, 20132): “Official” Diagnosis. Took dermatologists 3 months and 5 biopsies to conclude that I had pityriasis rubra pilaris. IMHO — The healing process can’t begin until their is a diagnosis that combines clinical observation with a supporting biopsy.

    Milestone #2 (Second week of January, 2013): Swollen feet returned to their normal size and I could wear my sneakers.

    Milestone #3 (January 20, 2013). Walked 5-1/2 miles on the warm sand at Panama City, FL with my son, a Recon Officer with the USMC. He was assigned to the Naval Station and Underwater Combatant Training.

    Milestone #4 (July 2013): Return of sweating. One day I noticed that my knee cap was “leaking”. It was as if my sweat had been trying to get out for 11 months can final found an exit on my knee. Within a few weeks I was sweating in the summer heat of North Texas.

    Milestone #5 (date unknown). I picked up a credit card that had fallen on the floor at Walmart. Having lost my nails many, many months earlier, a dropped credit card meant that some poor, unsuspecting cashier would be forced to learn about pityriasis rubra pilaris as he/or she retrieved the fallen plastic.

    Milestone #6 (November 2013): After nearly 12 months of taking acitretin (25mg to50mg per month), I didn’t refill my prescription. By then I had also stopped using triamcinolone, Clobetasol and Desonide.

    Milestone #7: (April 8, 2014). At the end of a clinic visit with my dermatologist at University of Texas Southwestern. I was declared “in remission” which I interpreted as “no symptoms and no meds”. The duration of my version of PRP was 20 months.

  2. Harvested from the PRP Facebook Support Group

    Tamara S — Albuquerque, NM
    “I remember the day when I could actually feel the clothes on my back! It was heaven! (June 25, 2017)

    Karen Bull — North Wales, UK
    “I really felt I had turned a corner when I started to sweat again.” (June 25, 2017)

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