Chapter 7 — PRP Research INDEX

The PRP community has long lamented the lack of research. Since October 2012, however, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have been conducting ongoing genetic research. In 2014 their research efforts expanded to include clinical analysis. For all intents and purposes, TJU is the only game in town and we encourage PRP patients to participate.

✽     What is the status of PRP Research?

✽     UPDATE

✽     Why participate in PRP Research?

✽     PRP Research Patient Study Packet from Thomas Jefferson University

✽     TJU Blood Sample Instructions dated June 13, 2017 (PDF)

✽     Shipping blood samples: Pine City to Philly (case history)

✽     Shipping Blood Samples: Dallas to Philly (case history)

✽     Phases of Clinical Research

✽     How to get involved in clinical research?

✽     In search of PRP research

✽     CARD14 Research


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