What is my long-term outlook based on Type?

Editor’s Note: The long-term prognosis for PRP is not set in stone. There are some guidelines that dermatologists feel comfortable in treating as Gospel.

Suffice it to say that there has been insufficient research to be able to predict when Type 1, 3 and 5 will “run it’s course.”

Adult Onset PRP

Type 1 — Classical Adult Onset PRP: Good prognosis with 80% of patients going into spontaneous remission within 3 years. After remission, relapses are uncommon

Type 2 — Atypical Adult Onset PRP: May persist for 20 years or more

Juvenile Onset PRP

Type 3 — Classical Juvenile Onset PRP: Spontaneous remission within 1 year

Type 4 — Circumscribed Juvenile Onset PRP: Long term outcome unclear but possible improvement in late teens

Type 5 — Atypical Juvenile: very persistent

Other Onset PRP

Type 6 — HIV-Associated PRP: Disease tends to be resistant to standard therapies. No further  timeframe is suggested.


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