Are there life threatening aspects of a PRP misdiagnosis?

Editor’s Note: We start with two aspects of “life threatening”.

(1) A misdiagnosis of PRP when the real malady is Sézary syndrome (Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma) where treatment is delayed.

(2) The depression that results from PRP. I remember a family reunion from Christmas, 2012 (scheduled before my PRP onset). I was in the Hell & Agony phase, sitting in a recliner watching five kids and four grandchildren open presents. I was convinced it was my last Christmas. Drama queen — no way. Fear — you bet.

From Glen M, Illinois —

There are more life threatening concerns with extreme PRP than the two you have listed.

✽   If onset comes suddenly with erythroderma then there can be many metabolic issues as well.

✽  Heart problems high BP rapid heart rate, respiratory concerns, edema especially in legs can exacerbate heart issues as circulation is compromised.

✽  Fluid loss with rapid skin turnover and increased metabolism can lead to dehydration in turn life threatening skin loss in extreme can lead to infections as can skin build up on palms and soles. All are serious to be life threatening and require careful monitoring.

✽  Then we get to potential sight loss with ectropion as eyelids are pulled with facial edema loss of eyelashes allowing for skin buildup in eyes, dry eyes as tear ducts blocked can lead to cornea starring, hearing loss with blocked ear canals that can be permanent if left untreated.

✽  Potential heat exhaustion with the inability to sweat as glands are swollen and inoperable. Just a few thoughts.

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